The change is possible if you believe in it. Seeding today will bring harvest
10 or 20 years from now.
We hope that ten years from now we will have today’s club members in College or University, encouraging other Roma children to believe in their own possibilities and strive for a better future.

By supporting children's school attendance and through the positive examples set, the cycle of poverty and negative attitude towards education within the Roma Community, can and will be broken and this next generation will have a better opportunity of getting out of the misery of poverty, and advancing in their studies, work and social integration.
The Homework club started in the autumn 2013.

The Club's first year brought good feedback. After just two months there were several dozen families who were willing to send their children to the club.

In addition, at the end of the school year the club school grades of the children attending had improved considerably and their study motivation was much better.

During our first academic year there were nine children of varying ages. The second period started in Autumn 2014 and included 12 children. The youngest children are in the second grade (7-8 y.o.), and the oldest are of the upper classes in middle school (14-15 y.o.).
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