[ the problem ]
Statistics show that many European victims of Human Trafficking spend their childhood in Bulgarian Roma Mahala (ghetto's) and living in such conditions contributes significantly towards them becoming easy targets for perpetrators. 

In the Roma suburb of Fakulteta in Sofia, there are an estimated
60 000 - 80 000 Roma, the vast majority of whom have no running water or sanitation! The landfill is a hole in the middle of the living area, and rain regularly turns the narrow streets into mudslides.  Most buildings are in extremely poor condition with limited to no insulation and tin stoves provide heating during the cold winter months!
Bulgaria's capital Sofia has thousands of Roma children who are at risk of social exclusion. These children rarely go to school and those that do are barely passing their grades. Learning results are more often than not poor because parents do not see the value in or importance of education - or alternatively do not have the skills, ability or resources to support their child’s school attendance.

Primary education is usually passed but very few Roma children will continue to vocational studies. Girls often get married in their teens and young men make their living by casual low paid, unskilled work.

Without training, many of the Roma community unfortunately end up making a living by begging, collecting garbage or even worse, are prostituted and or forced into pick pocketing.
Without education the next generation will be forced to earn their living by begging and garbage collecting.