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Take me to the school project was coordinated by Uusipesula church, Turku. The practical work
in Sofia is taken by Bethel church. Project funding is based on donations, which are collected in
cooperation with Fida International.

For more information on the project contact the persons responsible for Bulgarian mission
work in Uusipesula church:
Svetoslav Popov

Uusipesula's church missionary work responsible, has his own roots in Sofia, Bulgaria. He lives in Turku since 2010.

Svetoslav found Christ as teenager in Communistic times in Bulgaria and grew up in an underground church, which found shelter from the eye of the law in the Roma neighbourhood. The Roma became close to him and so is the need for help.

Tel.: 045 34 90 877
e-mail: svetoslav.popov@takemetoschool.org
Heidi Popova

The Finnish speaking contact person for the project in Uusipesula church.
She lived in Bulgaria 2009-2010, and with her husband Svetoslav, visited regularly Miroslav Traykov’s Roma church.

When the couple was moving to Finland they promised to look for ways to support Roma children in education.

Tel.: 044 588 2243
e-mail: heidi.popova@vieminutkouluun.org